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  • Booking Wedding Day - To secure your date, a signed ‘Client Contract Terms and Agreement’, is required with a retainer/non-transferable/non-refundable fee which is due at time of signing. This can be paid by cash or e-transfer. Your fee will be deducted from the wedding day balance, which can be paid ahead or on the wedding day. Please be advised, if no fee is collected with signed ‘Client Contract Terms and Agreement’, your date is not confirmed. The contract must be signed and retainer fee sent, no later than one week from the date it was sent. Failure to send within the time frame can lessen the chance in securing your date, we do not hold any dates. All payments are accepted in Canadian Dollars only.

  • Travel - Mileage fee of $0.58/km will be charged for locations that are further than 20km both ways from Vaughan.

  • Parking/Hotel - If there are additional fees at the location of service such as parking/hotel, the client is responsible for reimbursing that charge.

* * Prices are subject to change at any time.  Rates are only guaranteed if booking is completed/fulfilled on that booking date requested. 

  • Postponement or Cancellation due to COVID-19 - If your Wedding Date has been postponed to a different date due to unforeseen circumstances, including life or death situations, sever illness, loss in one’s family, natural disasters, pandemics, the non-refundable fee will act as a credit, and will be applied towards your New Wedding Date (this cab be applied to any other services we offer too). I will hold your non-refundable Booking Fee/Deposit and transfer it to your new date. If your new date is unavailable, you will not be refunded your Booking Fee/Deposit. Michele Rose Beauty will work with you, to ensure we are available for your new Wedding date. This may mean looking at many and different options for each couple or person! If not Michele, then a member of Michele Rose Beauty. 

  • Cancelling your Wedding - If you choose to completely cancel services with Michele Rose Beauty for any reason, your original retainer fee is still non-refundable but can remain as a credit towards a future appointment. If you have already paid your balance owing, that amount will be returned to the person who signed the ‘Client Contract Terms and Agreement’ documents. Once you have made the decision to cancel, the contract will be broken, you will not be able to book at the same rate, as prior contract, if fees have increased. 

  • Changes - If any information changes regarding the Day of Wedding Service such as the location, adding on number of services; I will kindly make any changes at least two weeks in advance. Services can always be added to the contract, given Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist are available and enough time is allotted, services cannot be taken away. If you take away any services from contract, the full amount of each service is to be paid in FULL.

* * NOTE: There are also four different scenarios with regards to re-booking your Wedding date. If your Wedding is cancelled or directly affected by COVID-19 (forced government mandates) Please email for PDF.

  • DOUBLE BOOKING CLAUSE     Due to potential scheduling conflicts, if prior bookings change of time and or locations and it causes tardiness or inability to perform services for your booking, we adhere to the FCFS (The first to have come is the first to be served) policy whereby the requests of clients are attended to in the order that they reserve their services, without other biases or preferences. You will be provided with the services of 1 makeup artists/Hair stylists if Michele cannot personally provide you with services for your event. Michele’s (Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist) obligation to give services hereunder is subject to the unavailability of the Artist as a result of sickness, accidents, acts of God and other reasons beyond the Artist’s control.

* * Note - Every appointment is time I have booked specifically for you, this means declining other appointment requests or anything else. Please be mindful of this if you need to cancel your appointment. If something happens beyond your control which might affect your ability to attend your appointment, it is required you advise me as soon as possible.

  • No Show Appointments - If you are running late or have not phones me. Once your appointment has reached 5 minutes past your booked time, I will contact you. If you cannot be reached 10 minutes past your booked time your appointment will be cancelled and a 100% cancellation fee applies. Should you wish to book any future appointments, full payment will be required to make a booking.

  • Client Booking (non-wedding bookings) - You will be contacted by your preferred method of contact the week of your appointment to confirm the date, time, location and requirements of your appointment as provided by you at the time of booking.

  • A confirmation response is required to ensure your booking is not cancelled. 
    Contact will be attempted a total of three times using the details you provide, should you not respond it will be assumed that you no longer wish to keep your appointment and a 100% Cancellation Fee will apply.

  • Client Cancellation (non-wedding bookings) - If you can no longer keep your appointment please contact me at least 5 days in advance to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. Cancellations at least one day before the booking, but within 5 days will attract a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within 1 day (24 hours) of a booking will attract a 100% cancellation fee.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed    Makeup will be completed to client's satisfaction, but is not to exceed allotted makeup time. Ample time is given for each makeup upon booking. Acceptance of completed makeup application by client is acknowledgement by client that makeup is done to his/her satisfaction.


If you have further questions please contact us at any time at

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - PayPal - Cash

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